#84 – Faith of Our Fathers




Hymn #84, “Faith of Our Fathers”, is a beloved Christian hymn that is a staple in many church services for over a century. With lyrics written by Frederick William Faber and music composed by James G. Walton, this hymn is a tribute to the faith of the early Christians and encourages believers to follow in their footsteps and remain steadfast in their own faith.

The lyrics of the hymn reflect on the struggles and sacrifices of the early Christians, who faced persecution and hardship for their beliefs. Despite these challenges, they remained faithful to God and passed down their faith to future generations. The hymn asserts that this faith has been handed down to the present day, and that it is up to us to continue to uphold and practice it.

One of the most notable lines of the hymn is “Faith of our fathers, holy faith! We will be true to thee till death.” This line speaks to the unwavering dedication and commitment of the early Christians to their faith, and it encourages us to follow their example and remain faithful to God no matter what challenges or hardships we may face.

In addition to paying tribute to the faith of the early Christians, the hymn also reminds us of the importance of passing our faith down to future generations. It speaks to the timelessness and universality of the message of Christianity, and the enduring power of faith to inspire and sustain us through difficult times.

As we sing “Faith of Our Fathers,” we are reminded of the rich history of the Christian faith and the many believers who have gone before us. We are encouraged to follow their example of faith and commitment, and to pass on the message of hope and salvation to those who come after us. This hymn is a powerful and inspiring reminder of the enduring power of faith in the face of adversity.

It is found in the LDS hymnal on page 84.