#142 Sweet Hour of Prayer


Sweet Hour


Sweet Hour of Prayer is a beautifully yet simply crafted harmonization on the timeless hymn, “Sweet Hour of Prayer”. The words of “Sweet Hour of Prayer” were penned by English poet and hymn writer, William W. Walford, in 1845. Walford, who lived in the village of Coleshill in Warwickshire, England, experienced a profound connection with prayer and sought to capture its essence in lyrical form. Little did he know that his heartfelt verses would resonate with countless individuals across generations and continents.

It is found in the LDS hymnal on page 142.

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The opening notes of “Sweet Hour of Prayer” gently envelop the listener, signaling the beginning of a sacred journey. As the melody unfolds, its soothing tones create an atmosphere conducive to introspection and communion with the Divine. It serves as a reminder that amidst life’s trials and tribulations, the act of prayer can offer solace, guidance, and strength.

Over the years this hymn has become a staple in Christian worship services, prayer gatherings, and personal devotions. Its gentle and contemplative melody, combined with Walford’s evocative words, create an atmosphere of tranquility and reverence.¬†Beyond its musical beauty, the hymn holds a deeper significance. It speaks to the universal human longing for solace, guidance, and spiritual connection. The lyrics invite individuals to set aside a dedicated hour to commune with the Divine, recognizing the transformative power of prayer in bringing peace, strength, and renewal to the soul.

Throughout history, “Sweet Hour of Prayer” has provided solace in times of great sorrow and uncertainty. From the Civil War era to the present day, its words have echoed through places of worship, offering a refuge for those seeking solace and hope amidst the storms of life.