#9 Come, Rejoice




“Come, Rejoice” lends itself to an uplifting and joyful harmonic treatment, perfectly suited for congregational singing. The hymn’s melodic structure supports smooth voice leading, allowing for a harmonious and cohesive performance. During the verses, there is ample space for dynamic crescendos that enhance the celebratory nature of the hymn.

It is found in the LDS hymnal on page 9.

For additional hymns that celebrate joy and divine guidance, explore the following: #2 “The Spirit of God” and #5 “High on the Mountain Top.”

“Come, Rejoice” embodies the Latter-day Saint ethos of communal worship and gratitude for divine blessings. It encourages congregations to join in a harmonious chorus, praising God for His continual guidance and love. The hymn’s message is one of hope and unity, resonating deeply with those who sing it.

This hymn features characteristics typical of early American sacred music: a straightforward verse structure, engaging melody, and robust harmonic support. It is these qualities that make “Come, Rejoice” a timeless piece, remaining relevant and cherished in modern hymnody.